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Let’s Talk Sports

FanKave enables teams and leagues to leverage their assets and enhance their fan community by providing a platform to give fans an interactive experience- be it during the game or on days off.

We do this by providing three distinct solutions that can be combined for a complete interaction platform, or integrated separately:

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Why Engagement Matters

image-social-organic-reach-chartThe 25 most engaging brands on Twitter had post engagement rate of 0.7% & Facebook pages with over 100,000 likes had 0.14% engagement rate (Socialbakers)

Brands are overly investing their time and money in building a presence on external platforms when, in reality, it’s engagement that really matters.

Why build a fan community?

Simply broadcasting content is no longer powerful enough to reach an audience- conversation is the new name of the game.

When a team provides a platform for interaction for their fans, they see engagement in its purest form. The brand gains control and is able to moderate, run tests, and analyze all the data that its users produce within their space.

Businesses should invest in a strong branded native app presence to host their super fans in a dedicated space. – TechCrunch

Why Engagement Matters?

Companies and brands spend too much time and money on “rented” communities on other social networks instead of building their own community with engaging content & solution on their mobile apps & websites.

Learn more about the trends in the messaging and communication platforms today and how FanKave’s platform increases engagement

Mobile Interaction


FanKave provides virtual live chats for each and every game. Each chatroom follows a specific game, providing trending social content around that game. Fans are then able to interact with the content, sharing to outside social media accounts or into the chatroom itself.

This same platform can be used for topic discussion and AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions with athletes and media personalities. The comment and reply system combined with intuitive sharing makes for a perfect easy-to-use, interactive chat.

Try FanKave App

Check out the demo below and experience the FanKave live game chat platform for yourself. Here is an example of the Golden State Warriors chat:

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Multi-Module Sports Social Solution

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 6.49.15 PM

-Trending content based on popularity & relevance

-Contextual content based on authority and time

-Filters for different types of content

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 1.40.48 PM

Integrated with our Live Chat platform, the unique social aggregation allows users to interact– not just consume.

Sharing to social networks and in fan discussions create a rich user experience

True Engagement and High Retention Numbers on FanKave 

datagraphic.png                                                          **FanKave 2015 engagement numbers

In Stadium Solution

Location-based Mobile Ordering and Display Solutions

Stadium Commerce: FanKave has developed a white label app that can be customized for stadiums and arenas. The focus of the app is to offer customer’s a unique experience while inside the stadium, and also provide extra monetization opportunities for the company

  • Merchandise and concession ordering (both in seat delivery and pickup)
  • Parking purchasing and traffic direction
  • Integrated live chat platform
  • Social wall with event content display

Display Solutions:

  • social wallDeep Social aggregation

Push content to multiple types of platforms within your stadium, including social walls, Jumbotrons, and video boards.

Flexible layouts and customization options with filters are available, allowing for auto-mode  with override for manual moderation



FanKave has proven its concept by signing partnerships with teams. We have already made agreements and are working with MLS teams, like the San Jose Earthquakes, and cricket teams in the Indian Premier League. We are also in trials and evaluations with the Sacramento Kings and Cisco connected stadium solutions.



Who we are

We have a team of founders and engineers with technology experience and a passion for sports.  FanKave was started to create a fan engagement platform for sport fans to consume, engage and interact around their favorite teams.

Our Co-Founder & CEO, Sasi, has been a founding engineer of successful startups and driven technology innovation at Microsoft and Netflix around search algorithms, personalization and big data. With an MS in computer science from University of Florida, Sasi also launched a successful fan engagement app with an Indian Premier League (cricket) team.

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